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Why Los Angeles Architecture is Art

October 31st, 2011 | Posted by daniela in residential design

los angeles architectureArchitecture is often called the highest form of art, a view which sprang from the Italian Humanists of the 15th century. They believed that it came from human experience. But architecture was not a specialty as it is today. The best examples of Renaissance architecture were achieved by prominent sculptors, smiths, masons and other wealthy people with plenty of time on their hands. If only they knew about 21st century architecture.

Los Angeles architects are some of the world’s finest. Our focus is bringing creativity and cutting-edge design to interior and exterior spaces. We do it with choice materials, which enhance functionality, because an attractive space is a well-used space.

Today it’s not enough to simply design a beautiful room. It’s about making the room sustainable, so that people in fifty or a hundred years can continue to use it and say, “What an incredible space, those Los Angeles architects really knew what they were doing.” It happens by learning the materials we work with, and striving to make them work in the way we envision.

The result is Los Angeles architecture based not on trends or what’s popular, but design that is tangible, with the long term in mind.


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