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Why Choose These Los Angeles Architects for Your Commercial Project

October 3rd, 2011 | Posted by daniela in restaurant design

residential architectureFranklin Studios understands what it means to stand out from the crowd. We were recently hired by a chef from the Beverly Hills Hotel to design a completely sustainable grocery store. Our firm has a scientific background, a major asset when dealing with things like building structure and energy saving techniques and equipment. And because we are Los Angeles architects with engineering as part of our undergrad education we understood the components of what it would take to make this grocery store run.

We also understand how context shapes expectations. When designing an Asian restaurant called called Tengu on Ocean Blvd. in Santa Monica, we wanted to highlight the location and recreate diners’ expectations. Foregoing the traditional dark woods and palette of the sushi lounge we offered clean black on white minimalist tones to focus not just the inside surroundings, but outside as well. The result was a chic, open dining experience.

When deciding on interior decorators Los Angeles, choose architects in Los Angeles who understand what materials and design make your project stand out from the others, who know what context and surroundings determine, and who aren’t afraid to go against the grain to present you and your clients with something totally extraordinary.



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