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Interior Design Tips from Los Angeles Interior Designers

September 26th, 2011 | Posted by daniela in residential design

los angeles interior designersA Los Angeles home remodel is a big project. To do it right it helps to have professionals on your side. The construction is one thing, the interior design is another. To really have your home look good, hire professionals. They will tell you things such as:

Don’t be afraid to mix different styles, colors and designs. Light and dark wood, for example, is acceptable. The contrast can bring out differing textures and heighten a room’s sense of space. Of course it should be done tastefully, so if you have a gut feeling that your pink and white wallpaper is gaudy, it is.

We all want our home to be cozy. It’s achieved through light, warmth and cleanliness. When determining light placement you want to cast shadows into corners instead of washing out every square inch.

Texture and color go hand in hand. Boring colors are heightened with detailed fixtures, molding and finishes. Objects that reflect more light will feel lighter; darker objects typically have a heavier feel. And on’t feel that you have to keep the style of each room consistent with the next; in fact, it may be better not to. Being bold and contemporary by putting steel beside brick in one room is okay if you have another with a silk rug and velvet drapes, as long as the entire house offers a sense of cohesion.

If none of this makes sense, you’d probably do better to call up interior designers Los Angeles. Good luck!

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